4 Apps That Can Save You Money

Millions of people have become smarter, savvier shoppers during the coronavirus pandemic. With economic and financial uncertainty running high and no federal support in sight, you’ll want all the resources you can use to save money and stretch your budget further. 

These four apps can help you find the best deal on the products you use every day, your monthly payments, and more. 


Raise started as a platform where users could purchase gift cards online. It’s always been intended to help people save or make money, and according to CEO Jay Klauminzer, “In a time like this when lots of people need money, it’s an easy way to get extra cash.”

If you have gift cards in your wallet to places you never shop, you can sell them on this platform. Or if you can purchase one of the thousands of discounted cards or get between 3% to 30% cashback when you buy them at full price.

Additionally, you can find a wide range of promo codes, coupons, and other deals. Any gift card you purchase on Raise is stored in your virtual wallet, which you can use online and in person. 


With Dosh, you can get as much as 10% cashback at your favorite restaurants, retailers, and subscriptions or even 40% on your next hotel stay. When you download the app, simply connect your credit card, and you’re ready to shop. 

Dosh finds and applies cashback deals on qualifying sales automatically, so there are no hoops for you to jump through in order to save. You can choose to send these bonuses to your bank or PayPal accounts or a charity of your choice. 


RetailMeNot is one of the most popular deal sites available. You may know it as the place to get coupons and promo codes, but it also offers an app that can help you save. Sara Skirboll, a shopping expert at the company, told US News My Money, “The app was originally created for people to shop in stores.”

You can find the best deals in your area by entering your ZIP code and download coupons straight from your phone. Plus, you can get cashback for any purchases you make in-store, which is redeemable through Venmo or PayPal.


Prescriptions can take a large chunk of your monthly income, but with RxSaver, you can find coupons that knock off as much as 80% off your medications. “Most people don’t realize that the exact same prescription in the exact same strength can vary in price (by pharmacy),” Skirboll said.

When you download the app, you can check if there are any coupons for your medication at local pharmacies. What’s nice about RxSaver is that although you can store your medicines on the app, it doesn’t collect your information or force you to sign up. 

Keep in mind that the discounts you get on RxSaver don’t apply to medications covered by your insurance, so talk to the pharmacist to decide which is the better deal.


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