5 Best Coupon Sites To Get The Best Discounts

If you are currently experiencing a disruption to your income due to a job loss, reduced hours, or pay cut, you know that every penny counts. And with the prospect of another round of government relief growing more distant by the day, the need to save on everyday expenses grows.

Coupons are one small way that could add up to significant savings on things like groceries, home goods, and even your prescriptions. But instead of spending hours clipping coupons in the paper, you can find hundreds of deals from many online apps and platforms.

US News My Money recommends five coupon websites, browser extensions, and apps to help you save money fast.


This website offers digital promo codes, printable coupons, and cashback deals to help you save more money when shopping online. It’s also available as an Apple and Android app. 

Use your ZIP code to find nearby retailers and products no matter where you are. You can also link your loyalty card to the site and combine all the offers before your next shopping trip. And if you shop at places that don’t offer loyalty programs, such as Walmart, you can upload your online receipt to receive your savings.


This platform is one of the top online coupon websites, and it’s also available as a browser extension and in the Apple and Google app stores. You can find discounts from thousands of brands and products with a quick search or narrow by location. It also conveniently lets you know if certain codes work ahead of time based on how many times other users have entered it. Plus, you can be eligible for cashback rewards on online purchases when you download the Deal Finder extension.


This service is only available as a browser extension, but it’s the only tool you’ll ever need to find the best discounts online. It finds and tests every coupon on the Internet and automatically gives you the best deal on your products at checkout. If you’re a frequent online shopper or have an Amazon Prime membership, this extension can help you save big.

Besides that, the Droplist tool can notify you when a particular item goes on sale, and the Best-Price Detection tool will direct you to any product on Amazon at the lowest price, including third-party sellers you might otherwise miss. Plus, the Price History tool lets you track a particular product’s price so you can determine the best time to buy.


Medications can be one of the biggest expenses for Americans, and it doesn’t help that prescription prices change depending on your pharmacy. Luckily, this makes it easier to find lower prices on medicine from 70,000 pharmacies around the country. In addition, it offers digital and printable coupons for even more savings. You can visit the website to find deals or download the app for your Apple or Android smartphone.


This site is another popular choice for savers because it gives you cashback on top of discounts. Regular users can get 5% cashback, but if you sign up for the site’s VIP membership, you could see up to 10% cashback on your purchase, even on gift cards.

Trae Bodge, a shopping expert at deal site TrueTrae.com, told US News My Money, “It offers discounts plus cashback opportunities, and in many cases, you can combine the two for the same retailer. Pairing a coupon with a cashback offer is the ultimate way to stretch your shopping budget.”


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