Always Check These 6 House Smells

No matter the size of your home, safety is always an issue, not to mention the financial hit that repairing potential damages can cause. Fortunately, there are certain ways for you to pick up on a problem before it wrecks your home. Below are noteworthy odors that you should never ignore once they show up inside your doorstep.

1. Musty smell
A strong musty smell could indicate a water leak, in your pipes or sink. Have it checked immediately because it can lead to mold.

2. Smoke-like smell
Figure out when the smell arises. If it is occasionally, see if it is associated with the use of any light or appliance. Watch out for electrical smoke behind walls or in a ceiling light fixture. Call an electrician to get it fixed or the fire department as necessary.

3. Dirty dog smell
Of course, this is obvious if you have a dog, but if you do not have one, a wet and wild dog smell can indicate the presence of rodents, raccoons, or squirrels in your attic. Call pest control for safe removal.

4. Old cigarette smell
If you just moved in and could smell old cigarette smell, watch out: you may be in danger of third-hand smoke. This pertains to the settling of particles associated with the combustion of tobacco onto surfaces like bed linen, carpets, tabletops, or countertops. Do not take it for granted – there are at least 11 carcinogens associated with some of that dust.

5. Gas smell
Natural gas is odorless. Manufacturers add the chemical mercaptan for detection and safety. It smells like rotten egg. If you can smell it inside your house, look for a gas leak immediately. Your house is in danger of a fire, or worse, an explosion. You really do not want this financial nightmare, do you?

6. Gross bathroom smell
There are several causes for this bad smell and the most common is a leak of sewer gas that contains toxic and potentially explosive compounds like hydrogen and methane. It is often associated with an unused bathroom. To fix the problem, pour a cup of water into the bathroom drain to remove any blockage that causes the sewer gas from leaking into the house and causing problems.

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