Gifts Under $50 for Colleagues, Clients, and Employees

There is no need to buy your colleagues, clients, or employees Christmas presents, but it is sure a nice gesture that shows friendship and goodwill. The gift does not have to be premium – something that they will use and enjoy is enough. Below are some gift ideas under $50 that should help you out shopping.

1. Gift certificates to a local midrange restaurant.
Gift certificates are not the most exciting presents, but they could be if you are paying for a high-value, midrange restaurant that offers a great experience at an affordable price tag. Check your city for best value restaurants and give everyone a fun meal out.

2. Virtual assistant service.
There is no more precious gift than time. You can offer your colleagues, clients, or employees several hours of virtual assistant service so they can have free time to do things that they love with their family. A virtual assistant can help them knock out their to-do list with any number of support services.

3. Customized cups, bottles, and bags.
Talk about branding. You can tie your company into a customized gift by adding your logo onto it. The selection is wide: sunglasses, coasters, totes, coasters, bags, cups, and water bottles – pick one that matches your company and the needs of your recipients.

4. Fun charcuterie boards.
Who does not love a good charcuterie board? It is an excellent way to relax and hang out with some nice cheeses and meats to share. There are plenty of options online or even from your local supermarket or specialty shops.

5. Baked goods.
Homebaked cookies, pies, and tarts are not the most unique idea for Christmas but everyone loves the classics. These instantly create nostalgia and make people feel warm and cozy. It is hard to go wrong with a nice box or basket of baked goods!

6. Plants
This year has been the year of plants. Their rise in popularity surprised even the most seasoned gardener. If your professional network has taken interest to being plant parents, there is no greater gift than adding to their collection. Good plant gift choices include succulents and other easy-care plants like raven ZZ, snake plants, and hanging baskets of pothos or hoya. They will sure love your Christmas present!

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