5 Money Resolutions to Make This Year

2020 was a difficult time for many when it came to finances. As you welcome this New Year, make a point of organizing your money so that you can make it work for you and look after your needs. You do not have to make big changes – in fact, it is the small things done right that make a big impact. Below are five ways to get started today.

1. Start small.
It is tempting to make grand gestures around the New Year, but the trick is to start small. Make simple adjustments to your spending so they are more sustainable over time. Cutting your spending by a little and sticking to it will lead to even bigger savings than making extreme changes during the first quarter of the year and falling out as the months roll by.

2. Give yourself time.
Before making an unplanned purchase, wait. Give yourself time to process the purchase, at least a wait of 48 hours, then get it. If you still want the item or think that you need it after this time, then go and buy it. However, you will often just forget about it and avoid the impulse buy altogether.

3. Pay yourself first.
Prioritize your savings. It is smart to automate savings each time you get paid. It is pain-free and it pays off big time in the long run.

4. Make more cash.
Take the time to clean your home at the start of the New Year and sell any excess that you have. It can be clothes, jewelry, furniture, toys – whatever items you are keeping but are not really using, sell it and enjoy the money and extra space!

5. Plan for the future.
There is no better time than today to plan for your future. It can be retirement, emergency savings, or saving for your first house. These things do not happen by accident. You must take care of them by using your money well and allocating correctly. It starts by taking a thoughtful look at your finances and finding ways on how you can take care of your future today.


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