5 Creative Wedding Gift Ideas on a Tight Budget

A tight budget should not stop you from extending your well wishes to friends and family who are getting married this year. Below you will find gift ideas that are thoughtful, inexpensive, and useful – perfect for the next wedding you get invited to.

1. Dinner basket for two
Everyone appreciates a good meal kit, and your wallet will do so, as well. For a simple dinner basket, you can put together a package of dried pasta, jar of pasta sauce, slice of cheese, bottle of wine, and candles. Place the items inside a basket, wrap it with clear cellophane, and finish with a big ribbon on top.

2. Date night in a box
With stay-at-home orders still in place, you can help the couple have a good date night in by gifting them a date night box. Fill your box with wine, snacks like chocolate, nuts, and popcorn, and a soft throw pillow and blanket to guarantee a cozy night together.

3. Plants or trees
If you know the couple is into plants, sending them a lush plant or small tree that they can grow together is sure a good wedding gift idea. If they are into cooking, you can also give them some herbs that will taste great in their food but will also look lovely by their kitchen window.

4. Experiences
The chances are high that your friends or family will receive too many material gifts on their wedding day. Why not send them something memorable instead? Try gifting them with a couples massage, perfect to reduce the post-wedding stress, or gift certificates for a local restaurant for their next date night.

5. Honeymoon gear
Where is the couple heading after the wedding? If they are traveling, you can give them thoughtful travel gifts on the cheap to enhance their experience. For example, you can give them matching beach towels, relaxing beach reads, and tons of sunscreen if they are heading to the beach, or a prepaid gas card and some healthy snacks and drinks if they are taking a roadtrip. They will sure find your present useful and appreciate it more than a toaster.

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