10 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money

Due to the pandemic, it is safe to say that everyone is operating on a tight budget. The struggle is real, but it does not mean you cannot make the best out of your situation. Here are simple ways to stay on budget and still have a good time.

1. Get creative with leftovers.
Wasting food at this time is a sacrilege. Go online and search for fun recipes that utilize leftovers. You will be surprised just how good leftovers can be!

2. Reread books that you love.
It has been years since you finished your favorite book. Why not discover it again and explore nuances that you may have overlooked the first time?

3. Attend a free class.
With gyms and studios trying to restart business, there is no shortage of free classes, both in person and online. Try a few and get fitter in the process!

4. Visit a local beach.
It is refreshing for the mind and body, especially after suffocating stay-at-home orders for months.

5. Organize your closet.
In the deep, dark corners of your closet, you will find clothes that you have not worn in a long time. It is almost like having new clothes!

6. Stream movies with friends.
You can all watch the same horror or thriller movie while videochatting on Zoom. Sure, you will not see everyone’s reaction but just hearing it can be fun.

7. Host a clothes swap.
After you organized your closet, it is likely you have found pieces you are happy to let go. Why not host a clothes swap with friends and get something nice in its place?

8. Go to the park.
The best thing about parks is they are refreshing and free. Come at odd times and you can even enjoy the entire place for yourself.

9. Sunbathe.
You can definitely get a tan from your balcony. There is no rule saying you can only do so on the beach!

10. Binge-watch your favorite shows.
Who does not love a good rerun? It is fun, comforting, and totally free!

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