DIY These 7 Small Home Maintenance Jobs to Save Money

Taking good care of your home will maintain its value and also save you money in repairs. Below are some jobs that you can DIY to cut your household costs today.

1. Fixing leaking faucets.

Do not underestimate the minute drips from a leaky faucet. Every 60 seconds, this wastes 34 gallons of water a year so stop it ASAP.

2. Update your lights.

Do your incandescent bulbs produce a buzzing sound? It is time to replace them with Energy Star-certified CFLs. These bulbs use quiet electronic ballasts and are more energy efficient.

3. Install a programmable thermostat.

You can save a minimum of $100 with a programmable thermostat. When you are home, set and maintain a comfortable temperature, and keep a more conservative one when you are asleep or away.

4. Replace smoke detector batteries.

When was the last time you tested your smoke detector? It is an important safety feature of your home. Detectors and batteries are cheap and all you need to do is perform a monthly test and install new batteries every six months.

5. Change the HVAC filters.

Thanks to your furnace and air conditioner system filters, you are able to breathe cleaner air. To maintain its performance, you must change the filters every few months. Doing this regularly can also lower your utility bills since dirty HVAC systems use more energy.

6. Caulk the tub and shower.

Replacing a mold-infested bathroom costs thousands of dollars. It is a must to keep everything dry to avoid this huge expense. A tube of caulk costs only a few dollars. Latex caulk is easier to apply but silicone caulk lasts longer. If you can get a product with a fungicide, all the better. You can definitely DIY this. Learning how to use a caulk gun and applying it neatly is simple enough.

7. Check your sump pump.

You might not think a lot about your sump pump, but it is critical in keeping water out of your basement and crawl space. Water damage costs thousands, plus the cleanup is a pain! Check and replace your pump regularly. Replace it if it has failed to start promptly. It is not worth the hassle. 

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