5 Signs You Retired in the Wrong Place

Your health and happiness should be your priority during your golden years. Retiring in the wrong place can seriously jeopardize these. Here are some warning signs to watch out for to avoid making this costly mistake.

  1. Entertainment is lacking.

Do not just follow random “best-of” lists. You must consider your own preferences in finding the ideal place to retire. Even if a place is lauded for cultural opportunities, it will not mean anything to you if sports are your major interest. Choose a retirement community that will deliver to your entertainment needs. After all, you finally have time!

  1. It is hard to find good medical care.

You can expect to consume more medical care into your senior years. This can mean seeing more specialists and having to visit specialized facilities. Remember to check your destination for providers relevant to your health care.

  1. You are far from family.

Of course, you are entitled to having your own space and enjoying your retirement in any way you like. Just keep in mind that children or loved ones may need to take an active role in your care or perhaps even become your caregivers at one point. Great distance from them can be stressful for your relationship and if they have to take care of you, it will be hard for them to be too far from their own families or work.

  1. Public transportation is not good.

You may not need public transportation early in your retirement, but you will do so eventually. Before moving to a new community, check if you can use reliable buses, trains, or cabs to ensure that you can get around no matter what.

  1. There is zero social life.

Talk to people to measure how friendly the community is. Look for particular groups of people that appeal to you or that you may connect with, faith communities or sports clubs, for example. Look for ways to make friends to ensure that you will not lack quality social interactions. Even introverts may be unhappy in an atmosphere that is cold. You want warm and welcoming, not exclusive or frenetic.

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