7 Unexpected Features That Raise Your Home Value

Raising the value of your home is not exclusive to expensive remodelling projects with contractors. In fact, there are some things that you can do yourself that will boost the value of your house. Some of these you do not even have to do anything! Below are surprising examples.

  1. Black front door

According to recent analysis, painting your front door black can add an extra $6000 to your home’s sale price. No other combination of color and surface boosted sale prices by anywhere near as much as shades of black on a front door.

  1. Your neighbor’s lawn

Even if your property is immaculate, the shape of the one next to it can lower its price down. The lawn is a very good example. If your neighbor’s lawn is a mess, it can make your property less desirable.

  1. Nearby Starbucks

Homes around a new Starbucks increase in value by at least 0.5%. For example, if your house is worth $300,000 and two Starbucks opened nearby, you can add an extra $3000 on your home value – just like that!

  1. Tightened door knobs and hinges

If your door rattles when potential buyers open it, do not expect plenty of offers. It is a sure sign of neglect so remember to fix your doors, locks, handles, and hinges.

  1. New bathroom caulk

Ugly bathrooms never made a sale. Caulk is an important part. The caulk around your shower and bathtub protects your bathroom walls from leaks. It is an immediate turn off when your caulk is cracked and moldy. Replace it immediately to make your bathroom attractive. It is not an expensive project and caulk is relatively easy to replace.

  1. New light switch and outlet covers

Discolored or broken light switches and outlet covers can make your home look outdated and neglected. Pay attention to these details to increase the value of your home.

  1. New ceiling light fixtures

Light covers must be functional, but also pretty. Lighting covers are inexpensive and do wonders for your home’s aesthetic. Anything that makes your home lighter and cleaner adds to its value.

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