10 Ways to Spend Your Day Without Spending Money

Free and fun can be a thing. Here are simple ideas on how to spend your time doing interesting things without spending anything, and some from home, too!

  1. Practice new makeup looks.

Instead of going to the salon to get your hair or nails done, get the same confidence boost by practicing new makeup looks at home. It is fun and easy to do, just by following free YouTube videos.

  1. Plant flowers in your garden.

Spring is here! Why not scatter dried flowers on soil and see if new plants grow? Yes, this is how you grow new flowers!

  1. Take your friend sightseeing.

Your city has lots to offer – more than you think. Go exploring and walk on the other side of town. Look for colorful street art, interesting architecture, and lovely restaurants.

  1. Paint your nails.

Similar to practicing new makeup looks, you can pamper yourself without visiting a salon by doing your nails at home. If your best friend is around, you can also do it together.

  1. Walk your pets.

Treat your pets to a long walk on a nice sunny day. They will definitely appreciate it and it is good for you, too. All the time you spend shut at home is not ideal for your mental health.

  1. Check out online exhibits.

It may not be the real thing, but it is just as good. Many musuems offer virtual tours and you can check them out online for free and without the risk of being in a crowd.

  1. Journal.

This is incredibly therapeutic. Start writing even if you do not exactly know what to right. Before you know it, the words will pour out!

  1. Watch the sunset.

People enjoy watching the sunset when they are on a holiday in an exotic place somewhere but what is stopping you from doing the same at home? It is such a pleasurable activity that allows your mind to slow down if only for a moment.

  1. Wash your car.

Isn’t it time to clean your car? For all its service, it certainly deserves a good clean. No need to take it to the car wash place and pay – a sponge, some soap, and a bucket at home will do the trick.

  1. Sell old belongings.

Clean up your garage, room, or pantry and sell belongings that you no longer need. It is an awesome way to declutter and earn some extra cash.

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