Are You Ready to Move Out?

Adult life comes with many responsibilities. It is not just all fun. Independence comes with a cost. If you are thinking of leaving home, make sure you have mastered these skills before entering the real world.

  1. Cleaning

You will want to make sure you are capable of basic home cleaning and maintenance. This will be a part of your routine. Nobody will do it for you so unless you want to live in a pig sty, you better be prepared for it. Remember that your home will be a reflection of who you are!

  1. Laundry

Most kids have never done laundry before leaving home. Learn how to do it correctly either by asking your parents for tips or watching educational videos online. Learn the basic laundry concepts like sorting, which temperature to use, and which ones must be hand-washed or dry-cleaned. Figuring out how to use a flat iron is also worth it.

  1. Buying groceries

Do not underestimate the importance of grocery shopping skills. It is more involved than you think. Start by planning your meals for a week, picking ingredients that you can mix and match, and learning how to find the best prices for items that you typically buy. Supermarket prices fluctuate and you want to get all the deals to stretch your budget.

  1. Cooking

You do not need to make Instagram-worthy meals but you it will be helpful to at least have some basic cooking skills before you pack things and leave. Eating out every night or ordering delivery gets old very quickly, not to mention infinitely expensive. Think of a handful of recipes to master before going out on your own. Ask your mother for lessons or any other person whose simple food you enjoy eating.

  1. Budgeting

When you move out, you will be responsible for all of your bills and there will be a handful of them. Know how to create a monthly budget, understand how credit works, and devise a simple way for paying your bills so you do not get into trouble.


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