How to Upgrade Your Yard for $100 or Less

The summer means more time spent outdoors on your yard. Of course, you will have more fun if your space is presentable. Here are some inexpensive ways to upgrade your yard, porch, deck, patio, or balcony for $100 or less.

  1. Paint the front door

Never neglect your entryway! This is your invitation to all visitors. Painting your front door is a simple process. A gallon of paint is definitely more than you need and it will not set you back much.

  1. Create a labyrinth

Transform your backyard into a place of quiet by creating a labyrinth meant for introspection. Inexpensive options include bordering pathways with heavy ropes, plants, or stones.

  1. Add a fire pit

Is there anything more fun than gathering around a fire with family and friends? You can buy pre-made fire pits, tables, and rings online at affordable prices. You can also DIY using materials cheap materials from your local home supply store.

  1. Put up a trellis or arbor

It is amazing what a trellis or arbor can do to your yard. Add vertical greenery and suddenly your outdoor space is a destination. Use scrap lumber or fallen branches to make your own arbor and keep costs to a minimum.

  1. Hang a hammock

Spend cool summer evenings gazing at the stars in your own hammoch. Hang them on trees or get freestanding models online.

  1. Hang wind chimes

Since traveling is still challenging these days, bring the holiday home with the simple addition of wind chimes to your space. This transforms your yard into a multi-sensory experience. It is particularly helpful if you are usually surrounded by traffic noise.

  1. Add a natural fiber rug.

Up the cozy level of your yard by adding a natural fiber rub. Woven jute and sisal rugs are nice and budget-friendly. Just make sure you place them in a covered spot so they are not exposed to rain. Alternatively, you can upcycle an old rug made of natural fiber by painting it and asking your children to help out.

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