6 Supermarket Tricks You Still Fall For

It is hard to save money at the supermarket when you are up against experienced food experts, industry analysts, and store employees whose sole intent is to get you to spend as much as possible. Following are some tricks they lay out for you every day and how to avoid them.

  1. The smell of rotisserie chicken filling the store is no accident.

Do you ever wonder why your supermarket always smells like freshly baked bread or roasted rotisserie chicken? Smell plays a big part in marketing. The smell of good food gets your salivary glands working, especially when you are hungry, and this makes you a less disciplined shopper.

  1. Carts are getting bigger.

Bigger carts encourage customers to add more items inside. One marketing consultant reports that doubling the size of the carts for a grocery store client led to a 19% increase in sales for every customer. It is a very effective strategy indeed!

  1. Sales are better when you do not pay attention to prices.

Time and time again, surveys show that customers only remember the price of four items. Mostly, these are the cost of milk, bread, eggs, and bananas. Anything beyond that is unknown. In fact, 95% of shoppers have no idea if they are getting a good deal or not.

  1. Narrower lanes make it harder for you to off-load products.

When there is less shelf-space, it is harder for you to ditch goods at the last minute. It is no surprise that supermarkets have been making checkout lanes narrower and narrower!

  1. Lingering is a good thing.

It is like hypnosis: you only go to the supermarket to buy milk but you walk out with $150 worth of other stuff. Supermarkets encourage you to linger and walk around so you are tempted to add more items into your cart. Nobody leaves with just the items on their list!

  1. Milk is at the back of the store for a reason.

And it is not just so you walk through the aisles and buy more stuff. Logistics also play a part. Milk needs to be refrigerated right away. The delivery trucks unload in the back and the refrigerators are placed here so the cases are filled as quickly as possible.

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